Our Services

Annual Preventative Health Exams and Vaccinations

We offer annual exams and vaccines for dogs, cats, pocket pets, and reptiles, tailored to their individual needs.  We are committed to treating your pet as one of our own.  Preventative care includes yearly physical exams, although some pets, particularly older ones, warrant visits more often. With annual exams, we can assess the risk your pet has for certain diseases or conditions. The exam, coupled with any necessary diagnostic tests allow us to catch diseases early, when they are most easily treated.  

Digital Radiography and Ultrasound Imaging

With our new digital x-ray, we can take radiographs quickly and efficiently, that are highly regarded industry-wide for their razor-sharp imagery, precision, and reliability. We also offer on site Ultrasound service.  This means a quicker, more accurate diagnosis, and less stress for both you and your pet in a safe, friendly environment.

Laser photo-therapy

We are very please to offer laser photo-therapy to our clients at very reasonably priced packages. Laser photo-therapy promotes cell growth, heals tissue and relives pain for eligible candidates. Cornerstone Animal Care uses state of the art K-Laser K-1200 to treat a variety of different afflictions. For more product information, please visit the K-Laser official site, located here.

Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery

We offer many surgical options for your pet.  We offer pre-anesthetic bloodwork and EKGs prior to surgery to ensure your pet is a healthy candidate for anesthesia.  While under anesthesia, you pet will receive the highest level of care while being monitored by one of our surgical anesthesia technicians.  Your pet will be monitored by our surgical equipment getting second to second results of heart rate, oxygen level, EKG, temperature, and blood pressure.  

Dental Cleaning and Oral Surgery

Healthy gums and teeth are an important part of your pet's overall health.  Dental disease of pets is more than just a problem of “bad breath” and can be painful and lead to more serious problems elsewhere in the body . Heart and kidney disease are two of the common illnesses associated with poor dental health. Regular dental cleanings are an important part of your pet’s health care.  While under anesthesia, your pet's teeth will be cleaned and full mouth radiographs will be taken to ensure there is no disease below the gum line.  

Labratory Services

We offer complete in-house labratory services for when time matters to get quick and accurate results.